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Step into a new era and meet new challenges
      The pace of history has always moved forward. The development of Yongqing Pneumatics and the achievements made today are due to the efforts and support of many people. However, compared with international world-class companies, we still have a certain gap.
Today in the new economic era, China is moving towards a global trend, so that we will face global competition, and with the rapid development of the market economy, we have entered a customer-oriented era in this era. The customer's interests must be put first!
      Economic globalization brings us opportunities and challenges. In the future competition, we will deal with international competition rules and commercial standards. Only truly outstanding enterprises can win in the competition. In this way, we can't stay in yesterday's performance. While we continue to repeat the previous success factors, we need to change all the business concepts and behavior habits that do not adapt to the market development trend, and further stimulate the team's passion and organizational vitality. Give full play to our ability to innovate, constantly surpass ourselves, create a source of vigorous development, and rapidly enhance Yongqing's overall competitiveness.
      We know that the development of a company is inseparable from the active participation and cooperation of the team. The same is true for Yongqing. Therefore, I sincerely hope that every employee of Yongqing can fully exert their abilities and talents and always be full of positive. Enthusiasm for work, contributing to the future success of Yongqing! Also strive to further promote the development of China's pneumatic industry!
Customer satisfaction is our value!
      Without the satisfaction of our customers, there is no value for us. And a company without value can't continue to exist. Therefore, we must serve our customers with sincerity, initiative, professionalism, efficiency, omnipotence and humanity in order to pursue the highest satisfaction of our customers.


Reliable product service

  • Provide technical support to customers; accept, coordinate, handle customer complaints, and solve customer's difficult problems.

  • Every customer can get satisfactory service, we emphasize the relevance and effectiveness of customer service.

  • Implemented the accountability system, which is responsible for every call and every problem of the customer.

  • We have any comments or suggestions on our services. Please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to serve you.

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